Happy to chat about anything lightning network related. Currently running experiments with lnd's gRPC api with Ruby.

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env: mainnet
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env: testnet
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In celebration of lnd's 1 year mainnet anniversary

Here is the March 15, 2019 snapshot of the entire lightning network. Stats calculated using the code of past experiments. A little rough around the edges because it was meant for my own purposes but I hope you get something out of it.

Channel Capacities

People sure love round numbers when deciding on their channel capacity size.

Node Capacities up to 1 btc

Most people risked less than 1 million satoshis in their node. Then we have a long tail of the #reckless. At least in the view of my node, there are 310 nodes with capacities larger than 1 btc.

Top Ten Fee Policies

In first place is the default fee policy. However, note 3rd and 7th place. It isn't a race to the bottom to the lowest fees - we're already there.

Base Fee (msat) Fee per Mil (sat) Count
1000 1 39734
0 450 7553
0 1 4515
1000 10 3669
250 200 2999
1000 100 2791
1 1 1024
0 1000 860
1000 2500 789
500 100 654

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